We've all been there: Folding chairs arranged in a circle, polite smiles that come off more as grimaces, and an enthusiastic but cringingly awkward host who's desperately trying to get the party started. It's the stuff of office nightmares.

"Okay, everyone — let's go around the circle and name one *craaazy* thing about ourselves!"

The introverts slink down in their chairs, silently praying for a fire alarm to go off and rescue them from this "party".

We've. All. Been. There.


So, that brings us to this post. You've been elected to plan the office party; colleagues are depending on you — this day of frivolity is the highlight of the work year! The pressure is on.

But never fear! We're here to save you (NBD) with this, frankly awesome, list of #icebreakers that people actually want to do. Banish those circles of sad chairs, rebuke "two truths and a lie" (because, let's be honest, that one's just asking for trouble), and get the party started with these games.

Because after all, a party without games is just a meeting.


1. Giant Jenga

Need we say more?

Okay… maybe a little bit more.

The thing about #giantjenga is that it always starts the same way; people see the tower, amused by the novelty of the formally tiny table-top game being blown up to the size of a Fuji Xerox CM405df (#officelingo), and saunter over with a chuckle. They playfully poke a Jenga block, the whole tower teeters — onlookers gasp — aaand, they're hooked. It's not a novelty anymore, it's a serious competition; a test of engineering prowess, of razor-sharp focus — the steady hands of a surgeon combine with the… too much?


2. Ladder Golf

The best game you've never heard of.

Despite having the word 'golf' right there in the name, this game is so much fun. Particularly good for the, erm... players of a more mature vintage — as well as anyone in a cocktail dress. This game can be played while standing tall and perfectly still, drink in one hand, casually tossing the bolas with the other. Minimal effort, but frustratingly addictive as those little #bolas suckers are much harder to land on the rungs than you might think.

That time Ladder Golf was on the TV machine

Ladder Golf Tournaments are a particularly good way to get the competition going: get two sets side-by-side and greatly increase your chance of seeing a bolas-related temper tantrum at some point during the proceedings. Excellent 👍


3. Really BIG Chess

For the accounting department.

It's trickier to turn the board over in a fit of chess-rage, but in all other aspects — significantly more awesome than regular chess. (Image: The Garden Party Co.)

We jest — non-accountants can play chess, too. Especially ludicrously big chess.

It's just like regular #chess, except it's better because it's bigger. What's not to love? If I had my choice between galloping a horse* across a chess mat to take out the enemy's Queen, or #trustfalls with Jeremy from the mailroom, I know which I'm choosing. On guard! 🏇

*Yes, I know they are called Knights. But do you see a knight? I see only a noble steed.


4. Croquet

"...but we don't have a lawn area"; behold:

Of all the things Ireland gave the world, we're particularly thankful for croquet. (Images: The Garden Party Co.)

All you need to enjoy this classic game are some pot plants and ingenuity (…or a lawn area).

Croquet's a great team game, spectator sport, and given that it's played with mallets (or "humungous hammers", as one of our younger players once told us) it's heaps of fun.


5. Giant Pick Up Sticks

Note: not for duelling; still fun.

Not quite the delicate sticks that we grew up playing with — these ones are just shy of a metre long. (Images: The Garden Party Co.)

Just like the classic tabletop game of your childhood - but with a little less delicacy involved (... and just way better). Break up into teams and get the whole office involved — the pointy ends are excellent for poking cheaters.

So there you have it - you're rescued from awkward office party land. Hire these games now and you'll go down in office folk lore as the one who banished those loathed icebreakers of old.

You're welcome.

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Updated: Aug 14, 2018

So, we know that #Kubb+ is not the most widely recognisable of all our games and we've been feeling a bit sorry for it 😢

After all, this plucky Swede 🇸🇪 is one of our favourites, and involves lobbing wooden blocks at other wooden blocks to try to knock them down — I mean, what more could you want?!

But, okaaay... we admit, Kubb+ can be a little tricky to figure out. What with the kubbs, batons -- not to mention the King -- there's a lot going on.

Where to start?

Well, start outside. You need a relatively flat lawn area, some string or something else to mark off a pitch, and a group of mates to form teams - you can play 1 on 1 or up to 6 against 6.

The pitch should be 8 metres long, 5 metres wide, with a centre line through the middle. The King gets placed in the middle of the centre line, and 5 kubbs line up on each team's base line.

To start the match, each side throws a baton towards the King - closest plays first.

The first team - we'll call them the red team - take turns throwing batons at the blue team's baseline, knocking down their kubbs. Then - and here's the kicker - those knocked over kubbs get thrown back by the blue team, over the baseline and onto the red team's playing area.

Those are now called field kubbs, and they are tilted upright where they lay by the red team.

Now it's the blue team's turn, but before they can aim for the red's team's baseline kubbs, they need to knock down the field kubbs.

If the blue team fails to knock down all the field kubbs, the red team then gets to have a free throw - but instead of throwing from their baseline, they can throw from the line of the field kubb closest to the centre line.

Play alternates like this until one team is able to knock down all the field kubbs then baseline kubbs of the opposing team -- only then can they take a shot at the King! Knocking the King down before knocking down all the kubbs is an instant loss 🙅🏻

Woo hoo! Red team won (I was totally pulling for them).

Still konfused about Kubb? Thankfully, the good people at Sky Motion Media have made a pretty great video about it 👇🏽

And never fear - like all our games, when you rent Kubb+ from us you'll receive an awesome instruction card.

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