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Giant Hoopla

You've seen regular sized Hoopla, now we've supersized it!

Meet our newest game! We LOVE Giant Hoopla!

But if you think it's easier with bigger targets... well... that's not been our experience (turns out my aim still stinks 😳)

Dimensions ≈ 100cm base ø; 56cm post height; 30cm quoit ø


giant game hire giant noughts and crosses lawn game

Giant Noughts & Crosses

Because bigger is better

It's tic tac toe — but bigger! ❌⭕️

A great game of strategy that can be played by all ages; indoors or outside. Mix things up a bit by turning it into a relay race!

Dimensions ≈ Rope 'board': 120x120cm; X+Os: 30x30cm


lawn game hire ladder golf

Ladder Golf

The best game you've never heard of!


Test your aim with Ladder Golf — seriously addictive fun; it's harder than it looks! 2 players at a time — or hire 2 sets and get a tournament going! 🏆

Dimensions ≈ 110cm tall, 60cm wide


lawn game hire bocce


It's like lawn bowls except… well.. better


We LOVE this classic game — played with 2 to 4 players, it will keep you entertained for hours.

Play on a hill to make it more challenging 🗻

Dimensions ≈ 10cmD boules and a 4cmD jack


giant connect 4 giant game hire

Giant Connect 4

Because bigger is better

Just like the Connect 4 you loved as a kid... only much, much bigger! This beautiful wooden set complements the decor of any event and is truly a game for all ages 👧🏻👦🏾👩🏼👴🏼👵🏿👨🏻

Dimensions ≈ 80cm high, 90cm wide


giant game hire giant battleships

Giant Battleships

Fire! 💥

Our newest game — Giant Battleships is everything you hope it would be! The giant version of this classic game is hours of fun and delights the 8 year old child in all of us. 

Dimensions ≈ 126x60x60cm unfolded; 63x60x6cm folded


lawn game hire croquet


For when you want to be classy

(or pretend the mallets are giant hammers🔨)


This classic lawn game can be played by up to 6 people at once. Generally requires a lawn area to play, but if you don't have one get in touch with us — we have secret croquet magic tricks ✨

Dimensions ≈ Mallets: 87cm x 23cm; balls: 8cm; hoops: 40cm x 10cm


giant pick up sticks giant game hire perth

Giant Pick Up Sticks

Ten times the size of the original


The classic game of patience and precision — but on a massive scale!

The pointy ends are excellent for poking cheaters 👈🏾

Dimensions ≈ 1m long


giant lawn game hire party hire cornhole


Our newest team game!

Throw your bean bags at your opponent's box, and, if you're really lucky - at your opponent.

Dimensions ≈ 92cmL, 60cmW, Ramp Height: 21cm


giant jenga giant lawn game hire perth

Giant Jenga

Indulge your inner engineer (…or play giant lego)

Just like the Jenga you've played at home... only giant! It starts at 90cm; how high it gets is up to your skill, but we've seen it reach over 150cm! 🙈

Giant Jenga is always a favourite at parties — we've played this at birthday parties, corporate functions & weddings! 

* The blocks can be heavy when they fall — watch your toes, & kids!

Dimensions ≈ 54 pine blocks: 21cm x 7cm x 4.7cm

Tower ≈ 90 - 160cm high. Comes packed in 2 wooden crates.


giant lawn game hire giant chess

Really BIG Chess

On guard!


This giant version of the classic game allows you to quite literally "get into" the game! Instructions are included — phew! ♛ ♝ ♞ ♟ ♖ ♜ 

Dimensions ≈ Chess mat: 1.3x1.3m; pawns: 22cmH; king: 40cmH 


lawn game hire petanque bocce boules


Jouons! 🇫🇷

This game is beautifully crafted and comes in a wooden carry case, with mirror-shine boules — it's as much decoration as it is entertainment! Pétanque is similar to bocce but the balls are smaller and are tossed palm-down rather than rolled palm-up. A great classic game, and particularly good for playing while your other hand is occupied with a glass of bubbly. Santé!


classic lawn game hire rope quoits

Rope Quoits

Much harder than it looks

Rope Quoits is one of our favourites for simple, family fun… oh, did we say 'simple'? We meant 'frustratingly and embarrassingly difficult' family fun. Good luck 😏

Dimensions ≈ Quoits: 16cmD; peg: 28x4cm; base: 24cm2


lawn game hire beach shack cricket backyard cricket

Beach Shack Cricket



Probably our most quintessentially Aussie game — play it on the beach or in the backyard and your guests will have a ball 🇦🇺

Our beach shack cricket set includes a beautiful bamboo bat, hardwood stumps, and a rubber beach cricket ball.

Dimensions ≈ Regulation size 5 bat; 76cmH stumps; 65mm ball


lawn game hire hoopla


It's Rope Quoits on steroids 💪🏽

A reinvention of the age-old ring toss classics, but with the added dimensions of scoring — think of it as rope quoits X darts!

Dimensions ≈ 40cm2; Pegs: 18cm high


giant game hire garden dominoes lawn games

Garden Dominoes

Grazie, Italia 🇮🇹

The bigger and better version of the classic game - turn your garden into a dominoes maze!

*Not the same as the pizza… please don't taste 😬

Dimensions ≈ Each domino is 18x9cm


lawn game hire frescobol garden games


Fique à vontade, jogar Frescobol! 🇧🇷 

Our newest game is Frescobol, the Brazilian paddleball beach sport dating back to the 1940s... a bit like Ping-Pong without the table! The bats are a little smaller, and the ball a little bigger.
Our set has two beautifully crafted bamboo bats, 2 'slow rated' balls and comes in a handy canvas tote.

Dimensions ≈ Paddles: 40cm long


lawn game hire backyard bbq games kubb



Release your inner Viking 🇸🇪

Kubb+is a classic Swedish game that involves throwing wooden blocks to knock over your opponent's wooden blocks... what's not to love? The concept is simple once you get the hang of it — but you'll definitely need some skills to win! And don't worry; we include the instructions for you 👍🏼

Dimensions ≈ Kubbs: 10x7cm; batons: 30 x 4.4cmD; King: 30x9cm


lawn game hire finska premio backyard games

Finska Premio

If you want to win, play like a Fin! 🇫🇮

Finska Premio is an ancient Finnish log tossing game. Sound like fun? Get ready for some old fashioned competition! 

(Don't worry if you've never played Finska before — like all our games it comes with instructions 😊

Dimensions ≈ numbered pins: 15x5.5cm; throwing pin: 22x5.5cm


lawn game hire skittles backyard games



Knock 'em out


9 skittles and 3 balls... all you need to play is a flat surface! Play it on the lawn or take it inside and turn your hallway into a Skittles bowling alley! 🎳

Dimensions ≈ Pins: 23cm high


items to  complement your games

Mini Chalkboard
Mini Chalkboard

Mini timber chalkboard in brown, $10

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Pair of Pink Flamingos
Pair of Pink Flamingos

$8 Pink Flamingos - The Garden Party Company mascots - it's not a party without flamingos!

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Chalkboard Sign (On Stand)
Chalkboard Sign (On Stand)

$10 Timber Chalkboard Sign on stand. 53x18cm.

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Chalkboard Sign (On Stake)
Chalkboard Sign (On Stake)

$10 Timber Chalkboard Sign on stake. 53x18cm.

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